Balisage pre-conference symposium program announced

The balisage pre-conference symposium, XML In, Web Out: International Symposium on sub rosa XML, has finally taken shape and (along with the full conference) it looks »

Is it me ? What am I doing wrong ...

We are getting some great submissions to Balisage 2016 symposium though all from men and none from women. So for those of the smarter sex I »

XML Prague 2016 this year was great

I left this years conference brimming with energy and excited for the year to come. All the talks were of a high standard and I would »

Balisage pre-conference symposium 2016: XML in, Web Out

For many years, every August I ruefully wondered if I would ever get a chance to attend Balisage, the premiere Markup conference, a required pilgrimage for »

XML Prague 2016

It does not seem possible that this is the [11th version] of XML Prague, but yes once again XML Prague 2016 »

Not your Father's XQuery

Last year, I embarrassed myself slightly by losing patience with someone who was blindly slagging off XSLT. What the (unnamed) individual did not realise was that »

Learning XQuery Resources

a list of resources to learn XQuery curated list of Learning XQuery resources download an XQuery processor (Saxon, XQilla, Zorba) download a database that supports XQuery »

Giving up @XQuery, but not on XQuery

A surprising number of people have asked me the question: 'Why did you give up the @XQuery twitter account ?' So many that I should reiterate »